Wednesday, March 21, 2007

8 (and a half) Months old

I didn't have batteries for my camera when Kevin turned 8 months old on March 7th, so I never got around to taking his photo. We took this one today. I think it shows how active he's getting.

He can pull up on things and stands very well as long as he has something or someone to hold onto. He'll also hold one of my index fingers in each of his hands and take steps. He loves to practice walking lately. He's also pulling hair and biting, ouch! The other night he grabbed my arm with two hands and leaned over and tried to take a chunk out of my arm!

Kevin has started fighting being held sometimes. He'll thrash, arch his back, and throw himself backwards if he isn't getting what he wants. He can roll anywhere he wants to and can spin on his belly in multiple directions. If he's sitting up and wants something out of his reach he'll dive onto his belly and stretch to get it. Sometimes he sticks his tush into the air, but he just can't manage to crawl yet. We think he's close, though.

He talks constantly. It even sounds like he is saying, "Dada, Gloria, and Danya". I joke that he'll speak full sentences and say the contractor's names before he says mine. I clearly heard him say "Mama" one time, but I've never heard him say it again and had no witnesses, so I guess it doesn't really count.

He's been waking up happy every morning in his playpen since we moved. He still doesn't sleep through the night most nights. He can suck his toes. Once it sounded like he growled, "I love you, Dad" to Daniel. We think he's very smart, and he surprises us daily!

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