Friday, March 09, 2007

Shocking the Neighbors

Well, we warned the neighbors on either side of our new house that we would be painting it bright yellow. I wonder if they quite imagined THIS. The yellow we originally chose was much softer than this one. Unfortunately, that shade only comes in interior paint. So we had to settle for this much bolder yellow. It's growing on us.

I've checked and we can see our house from almost any spot in the huge park across the street. We can definitely tell people who need directions to look for the yellow house, because it's the only one for blocks. Yup, you could probably see this baby from space. I can hear the astronauts now: "There's the great wall of China, and there's the Elliott house!" It's like a great big "You are HERE" sign.

The changes we've made:
1. Brown roof became a new black roof
2. New garage door
3. New front door with a window in it
4. Yellow paint with green trim and shutters
5. New green gutters
6. Trimmed the trees and bushes

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