Thursday, March 01, 2007

Meeting the Neighbors

The girls have gotten to play at the park across from our new house several times over the past week. Danya has already made two new friends who are her age and live by the park! One of them is named Matea, and I met her mom, Julie, a couple of days ago.

They remind me alot of our neighbors, the Holady's, from back in Oklahoma. (Missy, I miss you so much! Come visit me!) Danya has already gone with Gloria and our babysitter to knock on Matea's door to ask her to come play at the park with them. Have I mentioned that I LOVE this neighborhood? I feel like we are in an episode of "Leave It To Beaver" sometimes.

We've also met three of our next door neighbors so far. The man to our right works nights like Daniel, and offered to help if we need him with remodeling the house. The neighbor next to him is a realtor who walks his dog around our block all the time. The lady who lives on our left is very nice and has offered a wealth of information on the previous owners of our home and actually warned us that our basement was prone to flooding the day before we discovered the flood in our basement. We called out a plumber who fixed the problem fairly easily and then recommended the awesome contractor that we now have helping us out with the many odd jobs we need done to finish the house in time.

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christina said...

im so glad you have a good neighborhood. the oark looks fun. Hope asked if we could go play. i hope to come this year sometime.
the house looks good!