Saturday, March 31, 2007

Taking it for a Spin

We decided to take the new van for a spin the first day after we got it home. I wanted to practice driving it, turning, parking, pulling out into traffic, all that good stuff. It's really not bad. The only major difference I've noticed is that I have to make wider turn and sometimes in high winds it feels like I'm getting pushed around a bit more.

Since we were already out we decided to also try out a new playground near our house that we found by accident the other day. The girls really liked it. Especially the "spinny thing" as they call it.

We've always liked visiting new parks ever since Danya was little. We've found several in our new neighborhood, and still have a few that we haven't had time to visit yet. I'm sure people around here will see our "Two Ton Tomato" parked next to quite a few parks as the weather starts warming up. (I'm really tired of these freak snow storms!)

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