Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A Giant Wind!

Danya's open house was great! You can see her in the blue dress and braids in this photo. Her homeschool charter school put on several plays. The 1st and 2nd grade class, Danya's group, performed a western called "A Giant Wind". At one point all the town folk are huddled together in hiding, when one by one they start noticing giant body parts...the giant's toe, his leg, his arm, his neck. Then Danya's big line comes. She stands up, points, and says, "I see a giant snout, and I hope I don't see what comes out!" The whole audience laughed!

She was great! All through the performance she was directing the other kids. Holding one back when he tried to jump up and speak his line too early, and pushing another kid forward when it was his turn and he forgot. During the dance at the end, she knew all the choreogaphy, so the other kids watched her to see what to do next. Later, her drama teacher told me that only Danya and one other girl knew all the dance moves! He said she has a gift for choreography. We were super proud of her!

After the performance we got to tour the classrooms and see Danya's art work, poetry, and other things displayed.