Wednesday, February 28, 2007

House in Progress: Quick Update

I know you all want to see pictures of the house and what we're doing to it. We've been crazy busy, getting up between 6 and 7 am everyday, driving to Thornton, and working on our new house until midnight. Luckily, for a lot of it, we've had our two teenage baby sitters, Shannon and Sarah, helping out.

I'm pretty tired, so I'm just tossing in three photos and letting you know some highlights of the past week. I promise to add more when it's all done.

1. We have a beautiful new black 50 year roof!
2. We found a great contractor who is helping us get everything accomplished for a reasonable fee in a short amount of time!
3. I got to buy all new cabinets for the kitchen and bathrooms, and new lights throughout the house and new faucets!
4. We've gotten three bedrooms, the living room, and kitchen painted. We hired a painter who will do the main part of the basement tomorrow.

1. We had a flood in the basement (but God worked it out for the good!)
2. Daniel took the week off of work to get more done, and then due to a wire transfer glitch, we couldn't get the keys to the house until Thursday afternoon, so we wasted a day and a half.
3. We found out we needed to replace some rotten greenboard in the basement bathroom, and we were missing alot of key pieces to the floating floors we got for such a bargain price (also several boards were warped and badly manufactured.)
4. The new kitchen cabinets don't fit well, so I won't be able to open one of the under-sink cabinet doors. Also we were sold the wrong kind of countertop, so we have to take it back. AND we have to get a different sink for the new bathroom because it doesn't fit. AND I lost the receipts and paid cash for some of it.
5. The painter's crew didn't show so the exterior of the house hasn't been painted yet. And it just snowed, so it may be a while.

I still love the house, it's still a great bargain, and Daniel and I took tonight off to have a date, rejuvenate, and die my hair blonde...that's all for now!

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