Monday, February 05, 2007

Cart Crash!

Thank God Kevin wasn't in the cart! We were at Wal-mart taking pictures of cool stuff in the automotive department to decorate Kevin's new bedroom in a car theme.

The girls were in the cart horsing around. I looked over at them in time to see them both hanging over the side trying to grab a shelf to pull themselves toward it in the cart. I started to tell them to let go, but just then the cart overbalanced. I saw the wheels go out from under them and the whole cart flipped over. They were tangled with the cart and some small boxes.

I and another mom rushed over to them, both scooping up one of my hysterical little girls. Gloria's arm was red and Danya's leg was sore, but otherwise they were just scared, not seriously hurt. A store manager and an associate ran to help us. They heard the noise and wanted to know if we wanted to fill out an accident report. We decided not to. The girls calmed down a few minutes later. I think they learned an important lesson. They both wanted to get back in the cart, but they were much more careful after that.

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