Monday, February 05, 2007

Kids: Adopting and Raising Them

Dealing with the ups and downs of raising our three kids, it sure is difficult to imagine what our lives will be like once the adoption process is almost completed. Kevin was sick on Sunday with
a stomach flu. He seems mostly better today. Daniel had to deal with that and both girls while I was at an 8 hour super bowl crop at our local scrapbook store. If we do adopt 4 kids, he would be taking care of all 7 of our children anytime that I'm not home...and vice versa. I think we can handle it with God's help and a good sense of humor.
This week we attended a meeting and a class on adoption. They were both very informative and helpful. We learned alot about what a foster child goes through before they finally make it to their adoptive family's home. We also got fingerprinted in Boulder, CO. On the way back home we got caught in a traffic jam. We used the two hour drive (to go 30 miles!) well. I read the DHS questionaire out loud to Daniel and wrote down his answers. We were only going 5 miles an hour, so I don't think I distracted him too much.
This month we have to finish taking the required adoption/foster classes, take a CPR/first aid class, read some books on adoption and write book reports, turn in our proof of car insurance, get physicals from our doctor, and hopefully have 3 of our friends write reference letters saying what great parents we are. (modest, aren't we?) Next month, hopefully, they will start the homestudy.

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