Monday, February 05, 2007

True Grit!

Gloria, Daniel, and I tried out our new power sander while Danya was at school last week. We figured it would make a fun home school project under the category of "shop class" or maybe "home ec". Then again, it could qualify as "life skills".

Either way it was alot of fun. We talked about safety procedures, for instance why we need to wear a mask. We also learned why we should have all been wearing eye protection: little bits of sanded off wood fly through the air and can irritate your eyes. So we'll be purchasing those to do the sanding work at our new house in preparation for painting.

We plan to finish sanding both of these end tables that my mom found for us at a garage sale years ago. Then we'll paint them dark green to coordinate with all our other little projects.


christina said...

hey i decided to stara blog it is
i do have a question how do i add pics? said...

Yeah! I'll be reading your blog! I added a comment on your first post explaining how to add pics. Happy blogging!