Monday, February 05, 2007

Chair Repair

We watch those home improvement shows all the time. I like "Trading Spaces" and "Flip This House" among others. On alot of those shows they will do a simple upgrade of ugly kitchen chairs. It looked so easy that we finally decided to try it!

First we unscrewed the seats from the chair frames. We made sure the seats were as clean as we could get them, although they were still stained and ugly. Next we laid them down as a template on the green fabric remnant we bought at Joanne's Fabric. We cut the fabric to fit, then stretched it over the seats. Then we stapled the fabric in to the underside of the seat. Finally, we reattached the seats to the frames.

Don't they look great! You can see the phenomenal difference between the before and after photos! We picked fabric that would match the dark green color we are planning to paint the kitchen cabinets in our new house. It also coordinates with our curtains and accent pillow in our living room. It was a very quick and inexpensive project. I wish we had done it years ago!

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