Saturday, February 17, 2007

VDay Tradition!

Once again we took our traditional Valentine's Day photos. Every year since Gloria was born we've gone around our neighborhood and town taking photos of the girls dressed up. We usually take pictures in black and white. This year Kevin got to participate. I tried out the "sepia" option on my camera.

He looked so adorable that we let the girls take turns wearing the hat, too, for some photos. This hat is actually one of the ones that Daniel gave Gloria for her birthday last October. Kevin is wearing one of the new suits we bought him. It has a button up shirt, a button up vest, slacks, and a little tie. He was so cute! He looked like someone out of an old movie. Like a little paper boy! We printed some extras of these photos. Hopefully I'll get them sent out soon. Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

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christina said...

very good pics! they are so cute.