Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Wash and Learn

It seems to happen at least once a year that our laundry gets out of control. So we bagged it all up (8 loads!!) and took it to the laundromat. While we were there the girls did their homeschool work. They worked on math, reading, and writing in their workbooks. Then we played a game on one of our homemade gameboards.

We tried several different versions of the game using two dice. We used quarters for the game markers; heads for Danya, tails for Gloria. First we had them each throw a die and move that many spaces in a race to the finish. Then we had them each throw both dice and add them together to move forward. Then we had them throw both dice and subtract the smaller number from the larger number. Even though they can both do more advanced math, this is good practice to get them to remember the basic math facts faster. I think that's important since subtracting triple digit numbers isn't that impressive when you still have to do the subtracting on your fingers.

We also got to do a little math in figuring out how many quarters we needed: 8 loads at $1.25 a piece for the washers.

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