Thursday, November 02, 2006

Guitar Girl

The one and only thing Gloria consistently asked for when we asked her what she wanted for her birthday was a guitar. Not just any guitar though. It had to be a pink Barbie guitar. I think she was really worried that we weren't going to get her one since she didn't get one the day before her birthday during her Chuck E. Cheese party. We were saving it for the morning of her actual birthday.

Saturday, the 28th, she got to open her last two presents in the morning. First she opened the shopping cart (in the background of this photo), then she got her wish. Her eyes just lit up when she opened this guitar! She said that now she can be a rock star and Danya can play the piano and they can be a rock band.

In this picture she's posing like a "rock and roll girl", wearing her new glitter jeans she got for her birthday and red nail polish. Later she put on one of the cool new hats her Daddy gave her and practiced her new guitar down in the basement. It's a real acoustic guitar. I'm hoping to find a beginner's book to teach her to play some simple tunes eventually.

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