Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Fazoli's Kids' Night

On Tuesday nights kids can eat for 99 cents and they have crafts, too. So Danya begged us to go and we caved. They got to color, eat all the breadsticks they could stomach, and flip fake meatballs at a spinning pizza chef with plates on his hands covered in velcro. Every kids dream, right?

Kevin tried to chow down on a breadstick but forgot that he hasn't learned to swallow anything that isn't pureed to a soupy consistency. He just gets so intent on shoving things into his mouth. Poor guy, he really needs some teeth. I, on the other hand, am hoping he doesn't get them for a while. At least not until I'm ready to wean him.

We let the girls have plenty of time to do the crafts, but really it was mostly just coloring. They had an origami shirt they could fold, but they just took the pattern home with them. At least they can say they've been to the kids' night once, now.

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