Thursday, November 02, 2006

Playing Games with the Neighbors

The office lady said that the big kids (anyone over age 8) couldn't play the games at the apartment complex party. I thought that was unfair, so I told the kids to come to my house and we'd make our own games that anyone could play.

We cut holes in cardboard boxes and used them to toss a football, basketball, and beanbags for three of the games. Then Brandon drew a chalk target on the ground and we tossed bean bags at that too. The kids assigned points and decided where the bigger kids had to shoot from and where the little ones could stand. Danya handed out the candy to the winners. When Daniel got home from the store he tried all the games, too. Then he suggested that they play "500" with the football. He and the neighborhood kids had a great time yelling out points and diving for the ball.

We also invited the kids to our house that night for a "Lord of the Rings" party. We ordered pizza and about 5 kids came and watched "The Fellowship of the Ring" with us. Danya, Gloria, and their friend Anna watched a Barbie movie upstairs and got to eat pizza in their room. We're going to watch part two, "The Two Towers" next weekend! I think that the kids enjoyed everything because I heard one of the boys say, "Hey, we should make this the house we hang out at all the time!" We loaned our PS2 game "The Return of the King" to Brandon, also. He asked Daniel for help with it this week so Daniel went over to Brandon's house and they played the game together for about an hour before Daniel had to go to work.

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