Tuesday, November 14, 2006

30 Years, 30 Gifts

Daniel turned 30 this month! The kids and I surprised him with THIRTY gifts for his birthday. We let him start opening them a week in advance, 3 presents at a time, until today. Today is his actual birthday and he gets to open all the presents that are left today.

So far he has received:
a new coat, 2 bags of sugar free candy, an electric razor, a toy car, a remote control car, a screaming balloon, a nerf hoop, 5 new kitchen utensils, a new cheese grater, a flat frying pan, a pac-man t-shirt, boxers, Knight Rider t.v. series DVDs, a Popeye DVD, an Adam Sandler DVD collection, a pinball game, 2 suction cup dart guns, a slinky, a razor/hair trimmer, and 2 bike hooks

He gets to open the rest today, including the gift from Jennie that he's been waiting to open since it arrived. We're just waiting for Danya to get home from her charter school. Meanwhile we'll bake him a pineapple upside down cake!

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