Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Other Mouse

Gloria celebrated her 5th birthday with the mouse. No, not that one, the other mouse; Chuck E. Cheese. We invited Anna, our neighbor, and her big sister, Shannon to come with us. They all had so much fun playing games and eating pizza.

Unfortunately all the games kept breaking or getting jammed. There were only two employees working that Friday. One would come and fix the game and give the kids extra tokens. So what should have been a two hour party turned into a three hour party as we kept trying to use up all the extra tokens we got.

Gloria helped make her cake, chocolate with vanilla icing. She wore the new hat and jacket Aunt Jennie sent her and the camo pants and pink shirt that her daddy gave her. She said she wanted to be a "camo girl". The highlight of the party was probably when the kids got to dance in front of the video camera and see themselves super-imposed over the music video of Chuck E. Cheese and his friends that was playing on the giant t.v. screens along one wall.

Daniel and I played several games together. Daniel carried Kevin in a baby carrier on his chest while he and I played the basketball game again and again. We raced to see who could get the most baskets as fast as possible before the time ran out. Kevin really likes being carried around in that thing. I was nervous because we had so many close calls when a basketball would bounce off the rim and come flying back almost hitting Kevin in the head. I think Shannon decided that we were fun to hang out with on that day because she and her siblings have come over almost every day since the party. Shannon has also become my scrapbooking buddy!

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