Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Alone on Black Friday

On a whim, early the morning after Thanksgiving, I decided to sneak out of the house alone and catch some Black Friday sales. Since we had our Thanksgiving dinner the Monday before, we did most of our Christmas shopping on Thanksgiving day. Kmart was having alot of good sales that day.

Friday morning I fed Kevin at 6:30 am, laid him back down in his crib and googled Black Friday sales on the computer. Then I hit Target. It was so much fun and so relaxing to shop alone. I never ever get to do that anymore. Since I got there at 7:30am I missed all the crazy people who rush to the stores on Black Friday at 5 am, but I beat all the people who sleep in and then start shopping at around 9.

When I got home I finished wrapping all the presents. I had already stayed up until 11pm the night before wrapping most of the gifts. I think we are prepared now, and shouldn't have to do any more Christmas shopping. That's good since we are celebrating Christmas early around December 16th with Daniel's family in Oklahoma.

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