Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Magnetic Reading

I got a refund check in the mail recently, and yesterday we spent it at Barnes and Noble. I got 4 new books by Terry Brooks. Okay, technically they are old books, two that I read a very long time ago and two that I never read.

I also got Danya a math drills for second graders book. We told her that when she finishes it (all 60 pages) she can invite some of her friends from her homeschool charter school over for a "girl party".

For Gloria, I found magnetic poetry "First Words" for beginning readers. It has large tiles with big print and easy words. The toughest words are "monkey" and "teacher", so I know she can read them all. We all played with them together last night for her special time. We made silly sentences like "The bad blue dog ate my teacher." Then we would change the sentences a little bit at a time by overlaying another word over a word in the sentence. For instance, Gloria substituted the word "good" for "bad" and "mom" for "teacher". She absolutely loved it! The only hard part for her was having to share with her sister the next morning.

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