Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Millers in Colorado

Oh happy day! Our friends, the Millers, are in Colorado for Thanksgiving and a wedding, and we got to see them on my birthday! We drove to Littleton to meet them at Mike's parents' house.

The girls were so happy to see each other! They played non-stop. They especially liked taking pictures with my old camera. Since I have a new one, the girls get to use the old one. It has a 1 gig chip, so they took 210 photos. They didn't even fill the chip. They also played Disney Monopoly. We all had burgers fresh from the grill for lunch.

Betsy and I got to hang out and talk while nursing our babies together. Her daughter, Rachel, is almost 2 months old. Kevin looked like a toddler next to her! Danya took this picture, by the way. You can see Glory looking stylish in her new camo shoes. Danya has new Mary Janes, and I'm wearing new boots. On Black Friday I also got a new soft brown jacket and 3 shirts on sale, so I feel like Christmas came early for me. Or maybe just a wonderful birthday. I told Betsy that I am so homesick. Betsy gave me a beautiful poinsettia plant for my birthday, but getting to see her and her family again really was my favorite birthday present!

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