Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Celebrating 30!

Daniel and I went out to Olive Garden for lunch on Saturday to celebrate his birthday. He got a small chocolate cake and they sang to him. The best part though, was just getting the opportunity to sit quietly together and talk.

Daniel's been working so much overtime lately that we hardly see him anymore. We left the kids at home for two hours with our 14 year old neighbor and her almost 13 year old sister watching them. I can't say we weren't nervous, but we really enjoyed the break.

I keep telling Daniel how strange it is that for years he has looked like he was 30, but now that he finally truly is 30, he doesn't look it. We looked at pictures yesterday of what a change he has made in just one year, but really his life has changed more than just losing weight. In the last year he has changed jobs, moved to Colorado, had a third child; his first son, celebrated 10 years of marriage, and lost almost 50 pounds. It's almost like becoming a whole new person!
I'm so proud of him! He's inspiring me and encouraging me to get healthier and we're both considering taking online classes next January. It's strange to think that by this time next year we could be starting on having a fourth child and our lives will feel like they've changed drastically all over again. God is good, life is good, entering our 30's is good.

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