Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Fantastic Four!

Holding the sign that Danya made, Kevin is doing his swelled-chest muscle man pose for Daddy to show how big he has grown!

What's new for Kevin at four months? He's pulling hair, pinching, scooting across his crib on his belly at night, and reaching out and grabbing any object he wants. He's also acting like he might be teething. He cries alot and has gotten very clingy. Sometimes he just won't be happy unless his Mommy and No One Else holds him.

He'll suck a cookie or piece of bread until it dissolves. He gets mad if everyone around him is eating and he isn't. He also just learned to grab his toes and hold them. He hasn't figured out how to roll over yet. He's very talkative and loves to test out his voice with babbling, cooing, screaming, and laughing. He also desperately wants to learn to sit up. He tries so hard! Yes, this boy is determined to do everything his sisters can do.

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