Sunday, December 09, 2007

Spitting in Church

We've been at our church at least once a day every day for the past nine days! What with orchestra practices, concert performances, AWANA, and Sunday worship service we feel like we should be paying them rent!

Ever since last week the orchestra has been moved down in front of the stage. Hopefully now that the Christmas concert is over we'll get moved back up onto the stage so I can go back to enjoying hiding behind the big red curtain when we play on Sundays. It's bad enough emptying my spit valve out of sight up there, but having to blow spit onto the church carpet in front of the entire congregation is awful.

Through years of high school band and practicing at home off and on, I've gotten over the initial revulsion of the idea of emptying spit onto the floor. It's not a lot of moisture and it dries quickly. Somehow, though, the thought of spitting on church carpet rather than my carpet at home or really anywhere else seems wrong. It's not like it's "holy carpet" or something. I have to just remember that the "church" is the people, not the building. You don't not change a baby's dirty diaper at a church just because it's a church. While I'm continuing to tell myself that it shouldn't matter, I will still be much happier when I'm at least not spitting in church in front of an audience.

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