Thursday, December 06, 2007

Deck the Halls! ...and the cabinets..

Just before discovering the cost of fixing our van the kids and I were at Target waiting for Kevin's antibiotic prescription to be filled. So while we were there we bought a cheap set of ornaments (since we still can't find our Christmas box) to go with the other little things we had gotten a couple of days before. Tuesday we decided to make merry and decorate the whole house to improve our Christmas spirit!

The girls wrapped Latte up in garland. She thought it was strange at first but loved it when we pretended she was a pretty Christmas tree. Then Gloria destroyed some of the garland downstairs and Latte threw it all over Glory's room. We also made a paper Christmas tree for homeschool. We decorated it with craft supplies. Each time one of the girls reads a book (or has a book read to her in Latte's case) they get to decorate a paper ornament and add it to the tree. Unfortunately a lot of my little plans for holiday crafts won't happen because we've run out of ink for the copier/printers and can't afford more right now.

A holiday tradition from my childhood is to wrap everything possible in the house with wrapping paper. When I was younger my mom even wrapped the telephone! We wrapped kitchen cabinets this week and pictures hanging on the walls. We also got the t.v. cabinet doors and are debating a few other things to wrap. The kids got to pick out the paper. My only requested was that it be a random pattern, nothing with lines or a straight pattern that I'd have to line up exactly.


Homeschool Housewife said...

What a great idea to dress up the whole house. It sounds like the kids have had so much fun. You seem like your spirits are higher today. I am so sorry you are having all this finacial pressure so close to Christmas. For us it seems like that is when it hits every year. Or if we plan a much needed trip away.

You are such a blessing in the obvious way you have bounced back a bit and made this day not about all you don't have, but about what you do. Your kids could not have a better mom. AND, you look really pretty in your picture. Your hair looks especially nice. Did you get it trimmed again?

Have a magical few weeks leading up to Christmas.


Jess said...

Thank you! I haven't trimmed my hair, but I am finally getting used to the new color.

Normally we aren't hit with financial stress because we follow the Dave Ramsey Financial Freedom plan. It's just that we had to use our $1,000 emergency fund so many times in a short period that we hadn't gotten a chance to fill it back up. Otherwise we would have been able to cover the van expense with that. Daniel is sucking up a bunch of overtime right now so that we won't be in that situation again any time soon!

Dreama said...

hey was it this Dave Ramsey Financial Freedom plan? I hope you have a good Christmas. We had plan to spend about $100 a kid this year so that makes about $400.00. Next year I would like to start getting stuff on clearance and hide it that way I won't be rushing to get stuff.