Thursday, December 06, 2007


Yesterday while the kids and I were having dinner, just before it was time to leave for AWANA, Daniel woke up and came out to join us. That was when he asked if I had forgotten that it was Crazy Hair Night at AWANA. Yup, I had completely forgotten.

So we rushed frantically to make Gloria and Danya's hair into crazy mohawk ponytails and spiky bangs. Then I did mine up in a top knot with Kevin's toothbrush stuck through it. The teams get bonus points if their leaders dress up crazy, too. Daniel just swirled his hair all around. Then we rushed off to church.

Just as we were unloading everyone from the van, frantic because we were already late, an acquaintance of ours (another foster mom) hollered hello from her vehicle. I made a joke about my hair and she let me know that Crazy Hair Night is actually NEXT week. Eeeek!! So we had to hurriedly undo everyone's hair and finger come it into some semblance of normalcy. I gave the girls regular piggy tails as fast as I could, but we were still very very late. I had to explain why we were late to the director and the other leaders in our group. One of them said she almost made the same mistake. I'm just soooo thankful that someone we don't know all that well took the time to warn us.


christina said...

hello i thought i would make sure you realized latte.

Sarah said...
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Jess said...

My bad! Thanks for the heads up!