Friday, December 21, 2007

My Favorite Hobby

I have several hobbies that I enjoy. I like drawing with pencils, pens, and charcoal. Playing my trombone makes me happy and is actually useful. I crochet and am working on a gift for a friend right now. Scrapbooking, however, is my favorite because I get to make something beautiful that my kids will treasure and hopefully pass down to their children.

Chelsea recently asked a few questions on a previous post:

1. Do you use a certain brand of supplies? The answer is "not really." I just buy whatever looks interesting. I do have a huge stockpile of materials from the Storytellersclub since I got their monthly mega kit for years. I love those! One thing I really enjoy is cardstock stickers that already look beautiful and elegant and are ready to go on my page. I used to spend a lot of time creating my own elaborate tags and titles and journaling boxes. Now I just collect these. Some companies that make them are Bo Bunny and Pebbles, Inc. (which I use for card making).

Do you have a die cut machine? Yes, I have a Sizzix collection that I began buying about 6 years ago. I've got several of their alphabet sets, which is by far the thing I use most. I don't recommend you run out and buy a die cut machine. I haven't really used it enough to make the investment worth it. Mostly these days I use it for homeschool projects. That could be a whole other post. I also have a Quickutz die cutter with a few dies and one alphabet set. I wish I could afford more of these!

Where do you get your inspiration? For years now I have loved everything by Becky Higgins. I'd say my style most closely resembles hers. Many of my layouts are direct "scraplifts" from her pages. I also like those books that Creating Keepsakes publishes called Scrapbooking with Lisa Bearson. She goes on QVC and sells products and during the show they display scrapbook pages made with the products. The pages are so good that they put them all into books each year. I get a lot of ideas from them.

AND what type of camera do you have? This one: Kodak Easy Share It's not one of those top of the line ones. Although I admire those cameras, I just can't afford to replace it when one of my kids spills a can of pop on it like they did with my current one. I cleaned it the best I could, but the pop up flash still gets stuck sometimes. This one has 7.1 megapixels which means I could enlarge a photo to 10 x 8 and it would still look good. It also has a 10x optical zoom which means I get nice pictures from far away without having to use digital zoom which can make your pictures look grainy.


April said...

I have got to agree with you. Becky has saved us so much time with her sketch books they are my favorite. I love her Style and her new blog!!
Also I love the Bo-bunny stickers They always seem to look so good on a scrapbook page.
I also love the Sizzix I still have one alphabet for mine. I sold the other to get the Cricut (which cuts nice but I've only used once because I keep thinking I will mess it up) The kids love the Sizzix too.

Jess said...

oooh! I have Cricut envy! Actually, I want one of those machines that will cut out any font from your computer. Now where did I leave that extra several hundred dollars to buy one with...? And yup, I let my kids use the Sizzix, too, with supervision. They really like it.

April said...
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April said...

Oh I know the machine you are talking about I saw that one right after I picked up the Cricut at the AC Moore sale. It would be so nice to cut from the PC fonts. I can not remember how much it was but I remember thinking it was expensive. Maybe we should ebay both our systems and switch to it. I may have to look into it some more. If you ever decide to make the switch Keep us posted on how you like it!!!

Delaina said...

Hey, Jess! Sorry I haven't commented in a long time. I do check in almost daily to see how you're doing and what y'all are up to. It looks as though things are going well. I hope you're all enjoying the Christmas holidays!

I wanted to chime in on the Sizzix topic. We, too, have a Sizzix but I honestly don't use it near as much as my girls do. This could be because I've never invested in buying more dies than the few we have (like the alphabets). I also wanted to know how long you've been scrapbooking? I started when my first daughter was born (11 years ago) and have been in and out of the hobby since. Mostly out only because of our hectic lives while moving, selling a house and adjusting to a new home 3times.

I'm also a big fan of Becky Higgins. I remember when she hit the scrapbooking industry years ago. She blew me away! I'm still not as organized as I'd like to be but I have been looking back over her stuff again, recently. She's so inspirational.

Hope y'all have a very Merry Christmas!

Jess said...

My friend Christina introduced me to scrapbooking about 9 years ago before Danya was born, but I didn't really get into it until I made Danya's baby album.