Wednesday, December 19, 2007

All I Want for Christmas

Here's a scrapbook layout I finished yesterday during Kevin's nap time. I found a collection of photos of Daniel and I reading to the girls at all different ages. I'm trying to use up several years worth of monthly kits from the Storytellers Scrapbooking Club that I was a member of for so long. I love their kits and only cancelled my membership because it was $35 a month and we were finding ways to cut expenses.

For Christmas this year I've asked Daniel for 3 things. The first thing is absolutely free. I just want him to take over "kid duty" for one day and let me have the basement to myself to work on my scrapbooks. It's like a free vacation without going anywhere. The other two things I'm longing for are:
1. Some sort of exercise equipment, preferably a stationary bike
2. Contribution towards a new (used) trombone with a trigger. I've been looking on Craig's List and they do occasionally list a good one in the $500 price range. Daniel says maybe we can save up for one by Valentine's Day. I'm not picky (much). I just prefer one with a trigger, open wrap, and a tapered bell.


Anonymous said...

Love the page, good luck with your scrap day sounds like fun and a great present.


Chelsea said...

Would you do a post on your scrapbooking stuff? I'm just geting back into it after a LONG absence and everything is different!
Do you use a certain brand of supplies? Do you have a die cut machine? Where do you get your inspiration? AND what type of camera do you have?

April said...

I love your page.
Just curious on the middle border strip is that a sticker or did you weave real ribbons together? I can't quite tell in the picture...
That is a great idea though on another use for the ribbon and fibers!!

Jess said...

It is hard to tell, isn't it? That's why I love these kits. There is no ribbon or fiber on this layout. It's all just punch outs that they print and sell from! Their designs are so good!

April said...

Wow that is pretty good!!!