Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Music Phobia

Tonight I was pulling Sunday's music from my giant 3 ring binder just before band practice. Yes, I should have done it yesterday or this morning, but I procrastinated. I took one look at the music and almost decided to skip this week. You can see by this picture that it's very fast with a LOT of notes. I'm glad I didn't chicken out though, because the music is very fun and features the brass section.

Tonight at practice, since both AWANA and Wednesday night service were cancelled, very few of us showed up. It was basically the rhythm section (piano, guitar, drums) and the brass. We had so much fun! It didn't feel like practice, it was more like just a few friends enjoying making music together. I'm looking forward to Sunday. While we were there I asked about the special music for January. I was told a while back that the praise band will be doing all the music during offering time next month instead of having individual soloists singing. Ron (the other trombonist) says he suggested a piece to Dean (our leader) that features a trombone duet. I asked him who he got to play the other trombone part... Actually, if I can still hide in my little corner behind the curtains then I don't mind. But if they are planning on having us stand up front on the stage like those soloists do there is just no way. I'm not that confident.

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wholarmor said...

I think it's cool that you play trombone for praise band. I used to play trombone in my church orchestra, also. But then they cut out the orchestra. I was so bummed. I'd love to play for our productions and stuff, but w/ three kids, I just can't find the time anymore. Good for you for making time.

Seems like we have a lot in common- as I'm also going to be homeschooling(my oldest starts kindergarten in the fall).

God bless!