Saturday, December 29, 2007

Future Chef

Gloria has been enjoying her baking tools and materials that she got for Christmas. She originally said she'd like to get an Easy Bake overn like Danya used to have. But when we reminded her how expensive it was and how little food you got as a result, she agreed that real baking supplies would be more fun.

We went all out on this gift! It was so much fun selecting different cake mixes, icings, decorations, interesting muffin pans, bowls, measuring cups and spoons, chocolate chips, and jello mixes. She is set to be able to make quiet a few different concoctions. She can also use her allowance money to buy more edible materials as she uses up her supply. She has such a good heart and includes all the other kids, even Kevin, letting them use all her tools. I said she'd be a great baker or cook someday. She said, "No, Mommy. I'm going to be a great chef!"

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christina said...

i love it. we will have to find a way for them to come and spend some time with me and we will cook together. i love to cook.