Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Chaos Before Christmas

This past week has been chaotic. Kevin has been fussy all week and we found out today that he is back to a diagnosis of double ear infections. They put him on "super powerful" antibiotics that cost us $56 and may or may not even work. If this fails they will send us to a specialist to discuss getting tubes in his ears. That seems a bit premature to me since this is his first ever long lasting ear infection. He's normally healthy as a horse.

However, that's just the most recent chaos. Last Tuesday our caseworker came out when I wasn't expecting it. I was sick, Danya was sick, Daniel was working overtime during the days, the house was an absolute wreck, and I totally forgot she had scheduled an appointment for that morning. I was at least dressed when I answered the door, and that's all the good I can say about it. Hopefully she understands that wasn't a normal state for us.

Wednesday, we were all focused on the events at AWANA that night, Daniel's OT day shift for training, and getting my music ready for band practice. I completely spaced and forgot about Latte's visit with her mom. I had informed her caseworker the week before that she would need a ride since I wouldn't have the van, but she got a new caseworker that week who was out of the state, so she missed her visit. That means that this week I get to take her to two visits. The first one was Monday and the second one is tomorrow morning.

I made sure I didn't forget her Monday morning visit, but I had a brain lapse and forgot to take Kevin to his doctor's appointment that afternoon. So we took him today instead. Copay: $25, Previous Money Owed: $10, Prescription: $56, Kevin sleeping through the night: Priceless! And just to make everything more fun, Daniel is working 10 days straight with all the training and overtime. One nice surprise though, is that a co-worker of his volunteered to swap a day and work Christmas Eve so that Daniel can be home with his family Christmas morning.

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