Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Blue's Clues Buddies

Aunt Christina sent the kids an early Christmas surprise...a whole box full of warm long sleeved shirts. They were so excited that they wanted to wear every shirt as they pulled it out of the box.

The overall hit though, was the green striped Blue's Clues shirt that fit Kevin and matches a shirt that Latte already owned. When we put Kevin's new shirt on him Latte immediately ran to get hers on so that they could match. She was so happy about their shirts! She kept snuggling up to Kevin and giving him her prettiest smiles. It was some sort of bonding moment for her. Danya and Gloria really needed those sweaters and turtlenecks. They've been wearing them all week. Thanks, Aunt Christina!

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christina said...

your all so welcome, they are so cute matching. need pics please