Monday, December 24, 2007

Box O' Kevin

Kevin thinks everything is a car. Anything he can conceivably sit in and get someone to push him around the house in is automatically a car.

Today I heard vroom vroom noises coming from his room. Then I saw Latte pushing Kevin down the hallway while he was sitting in side his toybox. I'll have to send the two of them in to clean up all the toys they dumped out soon, but for now they are having way too much fun. They also have become fascinated with playing "Choo Choo" lately. They'll line up all their little chairs and fill them with dolls. Then they'll each take a seat and Latte will pretend to drive them to different places. Every so often she'll say, "We're here! C'mon Kevin let's go!" and they'll take a tour of the basement together before getting back on their train. They are so cute!

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