Saturday, December 29, 2007

Car Accident

The day after Christmas I had to take Latte to a visit with her mom. There was a slight mixup because they didn't have a caseworker there to supervise the visit, so I had to stay a while until they could find someone available. On the way home I was trying to carefully follow Daniel's directions.

Every time I turn into or out of our driveway the whole van slides. I talked to Daniel about it and he said that the problem was that I let off the gas as I'm turning. He said I need to slow down and then give it a little gas as I turn so that the tires will have traction. I really tried to do that. But I slid anyway, and this time I was accelerating so I ramped up onto the rocky hill next to our driveway and popped the front tire.

Daniel couldn't get the lug nuts off, so we had to call the caseworker and ask her to give Latte a ride home. Meanwhile, a couple from our Sunday school class had just recently given us their phone number (he's a mechanic, she works for Napa Auto Parts) in case we have another situation involving the van. So I called them and they came out with their tools and got those lug nuts off in no time. It turns out that he races cars and has all the tools for a pit crew. We sure appreciated the help since this is our only vehicle!

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