Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Spring Book Fair

Daniel took me to the CHEC Spring bookfair last Saturday. It was sort of a Mother's Day present since he got Sarah to babysit and I was able to really enjoy a solid three hours browsing through the book tables without kids underfoot. When does that ever happen?

I ended up finding some good science, grammar, and math books. I was happy to find an extra copy of the Horizons math book (part 2) that Danya and Gloria are about to start working on. This way they can each work in their own book. I found some really good deals, especially on some books that are normally over $20 each that were being sold for a buck a piece. Daniel would occasionally come back to wherever I was at and take my current bag full of books and swap it with an empty bag. It was pure bliss!

Afterwards we grabbed some lunch and he took me to see the new Star Trek movie. It was actually better than I had expected it to be. I've gotten to see two new movies recently, which must be a record for me. Two in one month! The other day Miss Lady and I went to see Wolverine, the new X-Men movie. It was at one of those theaters where you can order food and have it delivered to your seat. We had Oreo shakes and popcorn. Yum! My last hurrah, since Daniel and I are starting back on watching our food intake again so that hopefully we can lose a little weight before vacation.

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