Monday, May 04, 2009

The Clever Rabbi

We've been reading about the "Diaspora" in our Story of the World books just recently. That's when the Romans scattered the Jews all across the known world at the time in order to keep them from constantly revolting. There was a cute story about "The Clever Rabbi" who lived in Spain and some puppets that went with it. The girls had a fun time making the puppets and performing the play for me and all the other kids.

I'm trying to incorporate more fun art projects and other crafts into our homeschooling in order to increase the kids' excitement about continuing school throughout the summer. We learn year round so that we are free to take breaks whenever we need to throughout the year. However, this is the first year that we'll have older school age kids with us over the summer. I'm hoping that they'll want to participate and not make the other kids feel like their brains should just be turned off for the summer simply because the public schools closed their doors. Snow White is already so excited about homeschooling that she's upset that I'm not ready for her to start working in her first grade math book, lol. That's the kind of attitude I'm hoping will spread!

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