Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Energy Lapbooks

The girls and I have been working on making lapbooks about energy, forces, and motion. Even Miss Lady thought they were cool when she saw them. She said, "We should make these in my school!". I agree. They are fun.

Danya's lapbook has a neat slider on the top that she thought up. It's two atoms attached with brads that can slide back and forth to smash into each other and split apart. When they are together they hide the info underneath that talks about atomic energy.

Gloria's book has a car slider with a drawing of a gas can on one side to show that cars get energy from chemicals. She also made a flipbook about the different types of energy. Currently we're reading a book about forces and motion. The girls are studying the force of air. We've been doing experiments all day. We're playing with balloons and "empty" bottles that only have air in them but manage to keep things out. The girls are getting a kick out of it.

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