Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Early Birthday

We were trying hard to schedule Danya's party on a day when her closest friends could all attend. There were four that she was hoping could come. Three of them said they could probably come last Friday, the 22nd. Her best friend could only come that day. The week of the party, two of the girls' family made other plans and her best friend canceled that day. Her mom was sick so she couldn't come. Fortunately one friend came and Danya still had a really good time. She actually said it was her best birthday ever.

She got to make her own cake without any help from us. It was lemon with lemon icing. Everyone wore their new swimsuits. Even Katie got her first swimsuit. We went to the Margaret Carpenter rec center to swim. The only blip in the fun was that the girls only wore shorts over their suits and forgot to bring shirts to change into. So two of the girls ended up wearing Brother and Kevin's shirts and one wore Daniel's shirt. Kevin had a meltdown that Snow White had his shirt. We never let him go around shirtless, so this was traumatic to him. He cried all the way home. We ended the evening by letting the kids eat the last of the pizza and put rub-on Tinkerbell tattoos on. It was a good day. Danya's favorite gift? Wireless text messaging toys that let her and a friend send messages to each other.

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