Friday, May 08, 2009

Homeschool Day at Elitch's

Today was Homeschool Day at Elitch's. I took Danya and Gloria after my foot doctor appointment. I was worried about what the doctor would say since I haven't really been using my boot this week and I've been trying to walk on my foot bare footed or in sneakers a lot. He said it's been 8 weeks and I should keep doing exactly what I'm doing. He said I could still use the boot for doing stuff outside of my home this week, but otherwise, walk as much as possible barefooted. The tendon in the back of my leg is very tight and the only way to truly loosen it is to walk.

Elitch's was a lot of fun for the girls. As for me, my palms got deeply bruised from using my crutches so much. It was also embarrassing being so slow going through lines. Otherwise, I really enjoyed it. We rode a roller coaster, an endless stream of spinning rides, the giant dragon boat, some swings, and a bunch of other rides. We had a Dippin' Dots sundae and bought gummy octopus candy to share with the other kids as we left. We even ran into some fellow homeschool kids from our church. Danya and Gloria rode the boat a second time with them.

On the way out I accidentally left Danya's purse in the kids' play area that's filled with foam balls. We had to go all the way back to get it. That meant that Daniel and the kids, who had all come to pick us up, had to sit in front of Elitch's for an extra half hour. Did I mention I was slow and exhausted on my crutches? I'm determined to be done with crutches by the time we go to Disneyland.

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