Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lapbooks on Demand

We went back to having each of the five oldest kids get one special night a week where they get to stay up late and have "special time" with either Daniel or me. For months they've been sharing with another kid on nights that Daniel wasn't working. So they used their first week in a new way.

Since they saw Danya and Gloria's energy lapbooks, they each decided they wanted to make a lapbook, too. They expected me to come up with an instant idea for how to fill a lapbook on whatever topic they came up with that night. Miss Lady and Snow White both picked flowers, but of course they couldn't be the same. One had to be at a Kindergarten level and one at a seventh grade level. Here's some photos of Miss Lady's lapbook. I drew the flower diagram and she labeled it. She really enjoyed making it and now says she's looking forward to helping me with all the projects the younger kids will be making this Summer.

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