Friday, May 08, 2009

Chair Love

Katie loves her car seat. She likes to sleep in it and hates to sleep flat on her back. Sometimes she'll be crying inconsolably and the minute I put her in her car seat she's happy. At church in the nursery she loves the swing. We've been considering buying her a swing but don't know where we'd put it.

Yesterday, while we were having our big important adoption meeting with the adoption worker and the assistant GAL (Guardian Ad Litem), we had the kids in the daycare room for Children and Family Services. They had a little vibrating seat that Katie was happy as a clam in. So Daniel went out last night and picked up this new seat for Katie.

She likes to kick it, and the kids have figured out that if they put her fingers on the pull string of the lion Katie will pull on it and make the music play. She's got a little heart that tinkles lightly when she bats at it attached to her car seat which she enjoys, but this new seat has made her very happy. Speaking of Katie being happy, last night, May 7th, Katie laughed for the first time. It was the cutest little giggle. She did it three more times and then I haven't gotten her to do it again since.

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