Monday, May 04, 2009

Katie at 2 Months

Here's a picture of Katie at 2 months old. She's growing so fast. She babbles and smiles at us and even seems to laugh in her sleep sometimes. She's getting better at pushing her pacifier into her mouth with her fist. At the doctor's office last week she got her 2 month shots. If I'd been there I would have asked that they be spread out over a few months. They gave her about 6 different vaccinations! She had a fever and was extremely fussy all weekend.

Normally, she's a very happy contented baby. She likes to spend time up on someone's shoulder while they walk around the house. Sometimes when she's in her car seat and I'm next to her on my bed, we play footsies. That cracks her up. Lately she's been trying to reach up and pull her own hair. She also keeps accidentally scratching her face no matter how often I cut her nails. She's so adorable though, that everyone in the church nursery wants to be the one who holds her.


christina said...

oh she is just adorable. she has chsnged so much since we saw her. its like looking at a different baby. give her love from her Godmother. and to all of them.

Kelly said...

She is such a cutie pa-tu-tie!