Tuesday, September 18, 2012


 We've been sending the kids to the OPTIONS program since 2007.  Danya tried a different one the year before she turned 7, but we've been doing Options ever since.  The kids really like the opportunity to enjoy a school like environment and meet other homeschooled kids each week.  They also like choosing their own classes and knowing that the homework is usually minimal, at least for the younger grades.

 This year Shane and Kevin are taking the first grade classes again.  Last year, we let Kevin skip over the Kindergarten stuff for the most part because he would have been bored stiff.  Shane, on the other hand, really needs this extra year to strengthen his grasp on reading.  With a late birthday (July 30th) I don't think it will hurt him any to redo this year, but it will help a lot since his auditory processing disorder makes grasping words, both written and spoken, very difficult for him.  They like their new classroom (the school moved to a new location) and love their teacher who is the same one from last year.  Mrs. Hall is very good with both of them.  Kevin is already much more mature this year and handling the school environment better.  I think it's really good for them to experience listening to and learning from teachers other than me.  I'm helping out a bit in the classroom now and then, too.

The "lock down drill" was interesting.  We all had to hide in one large bathroom.  Apparently, it wasn't really a drill, either.  The police were up on the hill doing some sort of training exercise, which frightened a teacher and sent everyone into lock down mode.
Danya and Gloria are very excited about their drama class this year.  They are both trying out for parts in Beauty and the Beast.  They had to perform a monologue and a song from any musical or Disney movie.  Gloria chose the scene from Tangled when Rapunzel first leaves the tower and then she sang Part of Your World from The Little Mermaid.  Danya did a Hilary Duff monologue from A Cinderella Story and sang a song from Aladdin.

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