Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Katie Karyie Daddy Mommy Day!

 Katie and Karyie LOVE Tuesdays.  That's the day when all the older kids go off to school at Options.  The girls call it "Katie Karyie Daddy Mommy Day" which is a really long way of saying "anything Katie and Karyie want to do day".  We play games, go to parks, eat at restaurants, and generally spoil the girls rotten.  Being the youngest in a family as big as ours often means getting left out of fun stuff and not getting as much of your parents' attention as they'd like.  So we really try to let them feel special on Tuesdays.  The other kids can't really complain because we don't do anything hugely expensive like amusement parks or anything and because they know that they get many more privileges than the youngest two girls.  I really like the time to bond, especially with Karyie who hasn't had me as her Mommy for her whole life like Katie has.

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