Saturday, September 15, 2012

Indiana Jones Marathon

 Danya has been asking when she would be old enough to watch the Indiana Jones movies for years now.  Mainly because Daniel and I quote them a lot.  We already own the LEGO Indiana Jones video games, so the kids are familiar with the general story line.

Well, Danya had been stepping up and doing incredibly well with behavior, leadership, and positive attitude lately, so we wanted to reward her.  And then the opportunity to attend the AMC Theaters Indian Jones marathon came up.  So we made it an all day Mom and Danya event.  It was awesome.  It was long, but fun.  Trying to order snacks went badly because the theater employees got overwhelmed by the sheer size of the crowd and number of orders, but the rest of the event went smoothly.  It's always fun being surrounded by a huge number of people who all share your fan craze for something.  The number of fedoras in that theater was staggering.  And now Danya understands all the lines we quote from the movie.  My favorite?  "Hold onto your potatoes, Dr. Jones!" (shouted as we make a hard turn while holding french fries in the van)

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