Saturday, September 01, 2012

Making Pizza with Molly and Lina

 When is making pizza not just making pizza?  When what you're really making is memories with people you love.  We so rarely get to see Molly and Selina these days.  My grandbaby, Alayna, is growing up so fast!

We picked up all three of them and spent the day at our house playing with Alayna and making pizza with the older kids.  Our home made pizza is the best.  We use wheat french bread as the base and add multiple kinds of cheeses.  Molly despises tomato sauce, so we let her use Alfredo sauce on hers.  Polly also is not a big fan of tomato sauce.  Maybe it's an Asian thing?  I heard that pizza in South Korea is really weird.  They put almost anything and everything on as toppings.

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