Friday, September 28, 2012

Hair Affair

 "Mommy, flat iron my hair," she said.  I'd never tried that.  We were going to a hair care training event for African American hair down in Aurora.  It was to help foster and adoptive moms learn how to better care for their children of color's hair.  I've already spent a long time learning as much as possible about hair, but I still have questions.  Each kid was supposed to get some time with a hair expert who works regularly with non-Caucasian hair.  We ended up consulting with some women from a salon that works exclusively with curly haired people.  They weren't impressed by my attempt to flat iron Jordan's hair.  That's okay.  I prefer her hair curly or braided.  We learned some tricks for managing it when she keeps it in a fro.  We also got talked into getting her a $100 haircut and style.  I've never paid that much money for hair in my life.  It looked great for about 3 days.  We won't be doing that again.

Michael really liked the man he met, Chris, who taught him how to take care of his hair even when it's cut short.  He gave him a special brush to train it to grow in a wave pattern.  But, being a kid, he still doesn't like to spend time brushing his hair.  He wants me to let him grow it long so we can corn row it, but since he will not take the time to keep it detangled, I just keep giving him a buzz cut.  Maybe when he's older and more responsible we can try it longer.

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