Monday, October 31, 2011

Solo Halloween

 For the very first time ever, I was on my own for Halloween this year.  Daniel had to work.  We took the kids, in costume, to the pumpkin patch together on his day off.  That was a muddy experience.  But the actual night of Halloween was just me and the kids.

It went good for the main part of the night.  We went up and down a few blocks collecting candy.  "Happy" was not so happy, though.  She rode in the wagon and cried when I took 
her out and cried when I didn't take her out. 
We also changed her costume at the last minute.  She just kept losing the overly large purple princess skirt.  So we put her in a fluffy white dress and called her a bride.  The other kids were an artist, two rock stars, a 50's girl, a pilot, Super Girl, a Pizza Hut delivery guy, and "outer space".  Then we went home for a pit stop because Super Katie had to pee super badly and "Happy" had a 10 pound diaper.

Well, we walked in the door, I was trying to change "Happy" in the living room, the doorbell rang with trick or treaters crowding the doorway, my older kids were fighting over who got to be first to hand out candy and just then Katie started shrieking at the top of her lungs.

She'd had an accident right in the entry way.  And joy of joys, my neighbors were gaping from the door way at our chaos.  Oh yeah.  I could see the "Mother of the Year" trophy being handed out right then.

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