Friday, October 07, 2011

Wrangling a 2 Year Old

Getting a 2 yr old to sit still for 30 minutes to an hour while you carefully section, comb out, and braid her hair is like trying to get a cat to hold still so you can put nail polish on it's claws.  Every time I'm barely managing to keep a tiny strand of hair between my fingers, she decides to suddenly turn her head to look at something utterly fascinating... like a fly zooming by.

"Happy" has the attention span of a gnat and the curiosity of a mongoose.  She cannot sit still to watch an entire episode of Diego, but she does take the time to check and see how many different types of objects around the house can fit down the toilet.  From toothbrushes to toys, she's an equal opportunity flusher.  She even likes to occasionally dunk her own head in there.  "Happy" may help me to increase my exercise since I spend most of my day chasing after her or panicking when I don't see her in my immediate line of sight.  I know that she's capable of self control, however, because she slips out of her bed at nap time and manages to play extremely quietly in her room for an hour before I discover her.   All I can say, lucky for her she's cute.  It's impossible to be mad about my hair brush in the toilet when she's hugging my neck and saying she loves me.

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Kelly said...

I am on the run constantly chasing Peyton and Britton! I just laughed reading this because it is my life times two. My house is getting messier by the day. I can't get anything done because I am ALWAYS chasing my two or cleaning up one of their messes. :}