Sunday, October 09, 2011

Beads and Braids

 I ordered a whole bunch of different styles and colors of beads online and a useful little tool to put the beads on with.  So far, I've managed to break two of the plastic beaders, so I may try another method.  I learned that the trick is to make the braids very small.  When I try using the beader with a braid that's too thick, it jams inside the beads and then breaks when I pull.

I've also learned a few different ways to do the "veil style" shown in the second photo.  There are other names for this style, but I like thinking of it like a bridal veil.  The beads came out really cute, but it took for-EVER.  I have "Hoops" put the next set of beads onto one beader while I'm using another to put the beads onto a braid.  I also let her watch episodes of "The Cosby Show" on

Netflix while I'm working on her hair.  It really helps to alleviate the boredom.  Daniel says he thinks "Hoops" keeps intentionally taking so long to wash her hair each week that I end up doing her hair right at bedtime.  He says she likes getting that one on one time with me after the other kids are in bed.  I originally planned to wash hair on Friday nights and style it on Saturdays.  Instead we've ended up doing it all on Sunday nights.  I'm hoping to back it up to Saturdays eventually.

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