Saturday, October 22, 2011

Happy 11th, Lina!

 Selina was our foster daughter from October of 2008 to July of 2009.  We had really hoped that we would get to adopt her and her older sister, Molly.  They arrived just weeks after Brianna and Shane came to us and left just weeks before we adopted them.  Fortunately, their dad has allowed us to remain a part of their lives.  So, each year since then, we've tried to do something special for Lina's birthday.  We also try to help out in any way they'll let us.  This year, we had cake and presents at a McDonald's playland and then
 went to the Children's Museum.

The lady at the desk questioned our using our family membership with 11 kids, but in my heart, Lina and Molly will always be our daughters, too. We recently learned that 15 year old Molly (16 in December) is expecting her first child.  We're going to be grandparents!  Somehow I didn't expect that to happen in my early 30's...

 Molly has asked us to take a larger role in her life now, so we get to take her to prenatal appointments and help her get set up with WIC and hopefully Medicaid soon, too.  She's such an amazing young woman.  She's always been a peer mentor at school and excels in all her classes.  She's a natural artist and constantly smiling.  Her nick name is "Smily" among those who know her.  I'm so proud of her for accepting responsibility and deciding to raise her daughter.  Molly is half Cambodian.  She told me that the Cambodian word for Grandma is "Yay".  That means everytime my grandbaby comes to see me she's going to yell "Yay!"  I love it!

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